Hey there! We’re Mitch and Savanna, and here’s a little about us to get us acquainted: we love cats, travel, impressionist painters, 19th century literature, comic books, martinis, 80’s sci-fi movies, David Lynch films, wine, hip hop, metal, guitars, and coffee, but most of all, love.

We’re fans of the strange and unconventional, and we believe that is what makes life so beautiful. 

But before we go any further, we want to let you know that we know what you’re probably thinking — this whole wedding photographer thing is really hard to decide on. A lot of us travel, a lot of us talk about adventure and wanting to do that with you. We probably have similar websites and aesthetics and we all bring artful awesomeness to all the work we do. And honestly, any of us are probably (hopefully!) going to do a great job capturing your wedding. So, we get it —  we probably all sound pretty much the same.

Whew, hopefully that wasn’t too depressing. Anyway, our point of touching on that topic is because we hope it can help express why we do what we do, and what we want to create with you.

Your wedding, elopement, engagement, whatever it may be, means way more to us than just a paycheck. There’s nothing wrong with booking weddings specifically in places that us photographers want to travel to (heck, we even have a bucket list here), but one thing that comes with being in this industry for over a decade is that it’s about so much more than just travel, and seeing cool places and collecting rad souvenirs.


After all this time, we’ve learned what this thing is truly about for us — it’s about you. It’s about giving you photos that don’t just get stashed in a photo album that you take out every couple years or so, but giving you memories you’ll want to frame and hang on your wall. It’s about giving you a memoir of the most special day of your lives that you can hold on to, to savor in the grayer, not-so-great moments of marriage that inevitably take place, and that can bring you back into harmony with each other where you belong.

We want you to look at the photos and videos of your day and remember the smell of your bouquet, how the light looked in your partners eyes as they said their vows, the hug your dad gave you after walking you down the aisle, the taste of your cake as you smashed it into each other’s faces (the only real way to eat your wedding cake!), and the song that played during your first dance. It’s about providing you a timeless keepsake that you can show to your children (if that’s your thing), and then their children, and maybe even further down the line.

The people we’ve shot over all this time have become our family. They’re the people we have over for dinner and talk about horror movies with all night long, or the people we stay out singing (it might or might not be closer to shouting) karaoke with until 1am on a Friday night. These people are some of our closest, most treasured friends, and it’s our hope that we get to do that too.

This is what it’s really about for us, and it’s what we hope we can do with you. Everything else just sort of falls to the wayside.


If you feel a connection to what we do, please feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you!





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